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Eco Solvent Printer’s Applications

WER Eco Solvent printers can not only print on PVC Flex banner, vinyl sticker, tarpaulin thus common outdoor medias, they can also print on Artist canvas, pear banner, beach banner, roll up banner, advertising tents, wall paper and wall sticker, photo paper, feather flag, teardrop flag, Tension fabric, etc.

√ Outdoor car sticker advertising applications

For example, we will see all kinds of buses in the street at ordinary times, the bus is open to post ads outside of pictorial machine printing, through outdoor photo machine to print advertising is not only bright, clear picture, and not for a long time to fade. Outdoor advertising people covering range is wide body, can achieve very good publicity for a long time.

√ Corridor light box advertising, store advertising, subway station, bus station advertising

For light we should be very familiar with, as some stores are lamplight illuminate for a long time, if use water-based gravure machine printing, under the lights, over time, easy to fade, image dodge, and users with pictorial machine to print the light piece can keep fresh for a long time, will not fade, so in our daily life, is also very common outdoor photo machine lamp printing application, for example, the store window corridor light box advertising, subway station, bus station advertising, etc.

√ Outdoor advertising canvas cloth, flag cloth, etc

This kind of material is also very popular with the market, is also very popular in the outdoor advertising, such as building large outdoor advertising display, highway large billboard advertising images, construction site brand wall advertising, outdoor wall lamp box and so on. If a user within the pictorial machine water-based ink printed on it, so it is not waterproof, if be affected with damp or water is very easy to cause the picture spread dizzy, which affects the quality of the images.

√ Roll up banner

In the 21st century, advertising has become the most effective and the most common way of propaganda. Enterprise in order to promote product sales, use a variety of forms of advertising to promote their products, improve the enterprise and brand awareness. Comply with this trend, the advertising industry is correspondingly appeared a variety of terminal advertising forms, such as display shelf, billboards, light boxes, display boards, etc., have become enterprise’s favourite, the style is multifarious, in order to distinguish between different advertising items, will give them an easy to remember name, roll up is one of them.

√ Wallpaper

Known as wallpaper, it is a kind of used for pasting metope of interior decoration materials, widely used in residential, office, hotel, the hotel’s interior decoration, etc. Material is not limited to paper, also contain other materials. Because with colour diversity, design is rich, luxurious air, safe environmental protection, construction is convenient, the price is suitable for the characteristics of a variety of other interior decoration materials can not reach, so in Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries and regions have considerable popularity.

√ Photo paper

There is A4 sheet and rolls two types photopaper with glossy or matt faces. Photographic paper, also called photo paper, glossy paper, used for flushing in traditional printing industry photo of a material, then applied to the outdoor & indoor printing industry is referred to as paper. This paper is the first choice for outdoor & indoor printing design rendering material.