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cheap 3d uv flatbed printer for acrylic/pvc/glass

cheap 3d uv flatbed printer for acrylic/pvc/glass


Usage: Card Printer, Cloths Printer, Label Printer, Tube Printer
Plate Type: Flatbed Printer
Condition: New
Dimensions(L*W*H): 3800X2200X1500 mm
Weight: 1000KG
Automatic Grade: Automatic
Voltage: 220v
Warranty: 1 Year
Print Dimension: 2500*1300 mm
Ink Type: UV Ink
Ink type: UV Ink
Color: four colors
Printing Material: ceramic,glass,wood,metal.leather,oil paint,pvc,ABS..
Print head: Epson DX5
Printing size: 2500*1300 mm
Print speed: 720 dpi 6-8 square meter per hour
Printing height: 10 cm
clean system: automatic clean
Ink capacity: 3000ml
Operation temperture: 20°-28 °

Machine feature

1,Special for printing on ceramic tile and glass
2,Automatic lifting platform, easy to operate, reduce the alignment error
3,Mist spray or line spray printing method can be choose, line spray speed up, mist spray exquisite and lifelike to eliminate drawing dice
4,Three-stage scraping and peristaltic pump device to prevent nozzle clogging, extended nozzle life
4,Automatic cleaning and nozzle moisturizing device to ensure the fluency of the ink and prevent nozzle cloggin
Any location can be set as the print origin, operation is simple and easy to learn
6,Silent linear guide, stable performance, high precision , pass the European CE certification, quality is guaranteed comparatively
7. Equipment printing platform has a scale to facilitate the visual measurement and display of the printed materials
8.Using imported LED-UV lamp, cold light source, no radiation, ultra-low power consumption, environment-friendly and energy-saving.Double servo motor, control the performance is more stable

The products


Q: Is UV printer environmentally friendly? What protection i need when i use UV printer?
A: UV -cured inks have the advantage of being virtually V O C-free.All types of UV printer products can be handled safely as long as the user is well trained and observes all recommended safety procedures.
However, UV printer can cause skin and eye irritation or even chemical blister burns on prolonged direct contact. We suggest operator wearing impervious gloves and protective glasses, wearing impervious aprons and shoes(Press operators).
skyjetprinter offers a hood for the print area and complete protection against UV printer emissions, ozone and ink misting
Q: Who will give me training?
A: We provide you a complete training package, including site preparation, printer operation, application training and trouble shooting.

Our service

1. We provide 12 months trouble-free warranty and online support
2. There are complete English user manuals to guide you easily install, operate and maintain the printer. It's clear and easy to understand.
3. We also warmly welcome to visit us for free training. It takes 1-3 working days, our experienced technician will teach about the installation, operation, and maintenance.
4. During warranty period, we will send free parts for replacement (circuit boards) by DHL, while broken parts should be sent back.
5. When some technique problems, please send detail description, photos or video, then our technician will give the resolution accordingly.
6. Technician can also be sent to your company when necessary.